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Outside Inside Mouldings are for exterior use on houses, commercial buildings and feature walls.  Add these decorative exterior architectural mouldings to create a contemporary or traditional look to your existing or new project.

Made from expanded polystyrene, these mouldings are cut in our factory using a hot wire machine then coated with a fine sand blend render look coating to create the look of traditional rendered mouldings without the labour intensive skills required.

Being lightweight the mouldings are simply glued in place with a polystyrene safe adhesive, sealed to the wall around their perimeter with an exterior sealant and then painted, giving your project a new look.

All our mouldings come in standard 2.5m lengths for ease of installation.

Virtually any size and shape can be made, just contact us to let us know your requirements.

We also specialize in Columns, arches, rings, gable vents, keystones, sunhoods, Blades, Corner Quoins and many other exterior accents you may require.

Special shapes can be made within 7-10 working days, simply supply us with a sketch or drawing and we can quote and supply on confirmation and acceptance.

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Australian Made


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Australian Made
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