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How To Install

Step 1
Make sure the surface is dry and clean. Mark the wall using a string line or chalk line.

Step 2
Measure and mark the back of the moulding using a square. Using a fine tooth handsaw or drop saw to cut to length required. If mitres are required a mitre box is suggested.

Step 3
Attach mould using recommended adhesive.
Cartridge – 20mm spots along the back approx 300mm apart
(Larger spots for large moulds)
Spray Adhesive – spray 2 lines - 1 approx 20mm down from the top and the other 20mm up from the bottom

Step 4
Push moulding into place as previously marked and slide back and forth to ensure full contact between wall and adhesive, pull off the wall and leave until tacky. (Test by touching adhesive, when glue grabs straight away) Reposition moulding lightly taping.
It can be taped or propped with nails underneath until totally dry.
**Never prop or fix with nails or screws through the face of the mould**
Adhesive must also be applied to all mitres and butt joins

Step 5
Continue fixing all moulds in place in the same way.

Step 6
Once adhesive is totally dry (mould will not move). Moulds are ready for sealant.
Use masking tape around the perimeter edge of the mould; leaving approx 5mm gap between the mould and wall will help ensure a clean and neat sealing job. Sealant must have contact on the mould and the wall to help adhere moulds aswell as sealing to prevent any water/dirt behind the mould ensuring longer adhesion.

Step 7
A smooth continuous bead is applied to the perimeter then smoothed off with a wet finger or damp cloth. Once dry, tape can be removed.

Step 8
Coating – Joining Kits
Raw Ends
Smear 1 even coat of the Joining Mix over raw ends with a spatula or trowel. Allow to dry. Lightly sand using an off cut of moulding. Repeat this process 3 times

Corners/Mitres and Butt Joins
Apply joining mix on both adjoining ends when fixing each length together, push until joining mix oozes out. Clean over face using your finger or sponge. Allow to dry and lightly sand smooth using a mould off cut.

Step 9
Apply joining mix over the face of the join if required and sand smooth ready for painting.







Maxi Nails Cartridge


Construction Adhesive Cartridge

1 cartridge/4 lengths


Bosman Spray Adhesive 

Spray Adhesive Cannister

1 cannister/ 30 lengths



Spray Gun for Spray Adhesive $48ea

Sikaflex Pro Cartridge

Sealant Cartridge

1 cartridge/4 lengths


Sikaflex Pro Sausage

Sealant Sausage

1 Sausage/10 lengths


Sml Joining Kit


50Lm Joins


Lg Joining Kit

 Sml bucket

 100Lm Joins



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